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We offer wide variety of Fire Suits like Fire Proximity Suit, Fire Nomex Suit, Fire Aluminized Proximity Suit and Fire Approach Suit that is widely used by the fire fighting servicemen who takes active part in fire extinguishing process. These suits are specially designed in order to give complete safety from the heat and other factors. We offer nomex fire suits, fire proximity suit and fire entry suits in various sizes and ensured of complete safety in any fire condition. The Fire Suits can also be customized as per the specifications provided by the clients. Our range includes:

Fire Aluminized Proximity Suit


Fire Aluminized Proximity Suit are designed for rescue operations and places where there are hazards and people operating in excessive temperature ranging 800-1000 degree celcious.
the outer layer of these aluminized suit being aluminized helps to reflect more than 90% heat thereby helping the rescuer to prolong the stay near fire comfortably.

Fire Aluminized Proximity Suit is made out of 16 oz imported aluminized glass fibre fabric with dual mirror having 90% reflection of heat as a outer layer and with woolen fabric lining. Additional layer (vapour barrier) is also used for higher temperature. Outer fabrics tested and approved by defence institute for fire research new delhi & field tests performed by defence-indian navy nbcd school, ins shivaji. Lonavla Maharashtra.


Fire Nomex Suit

We offer our clients with  Fire Nomex Suit having three layers. In addition, we also endow with fr hoods and gloves with this suit. The Fire Nomex  Suits is en 469 certified and ce marked. It is provided with a full sleeved jacket having a front zipper with flap closing. The trousers have suspenders for adjusting the height as per the user. The dress is given 3m retro-reflective tape that can be applied on chest, sleeves and bottom of trousers. The suit can also be customized as per the specifications provided by the clients.


Fire Proximity Suit

We offer high performance Fire Proximity Suit that is widely applicable in intense heat, fire, steam and hot liquid. These Fire Proximity Suits are extensively used in the petrochemical plants, foundries, plant, steel, glass, ceramics and defence industry. The Fire Proximity Suit has been specially developed and field tested for rescue operations. The outer layer of these suits is made from 16 oz imported aluminized glass fibre fabric with dual mirror which has 90% reflection of heat. The inner layer is prepared by means of woolen fabric lining which is stitched using heavy-duty kevlar thread. The entire suit is consisted of one-piece coverall having with or without pouch to keep breathing apparatus. It also has hood with visor, a pair of glove and a pair of boots. The visor of the hood is made from mica and tinted polycarbonate. The helmet is manufactured using is-2745 standard fiberglass helmet and attached with two elasticized straps for a better grip. To protect the wrists the suit is also presented with 14 gloves with stud fastener. To safeguard the feet from high temperature, boots having neoprene rubber sole that do not skid on greasy floor are provided. Boots also have aluminized fabric flap sturdy zipper. This suit is widely appreciated for its durability, temperature resistance and shin friendliness.


Fire Approach Suit

Fire Approach Suit are made out of Two layer. Outer layer of Imported Dual mirror ‘GENTEX’ Brand Aluminized Glass fibre fabric which is approved by Centre For Environment and Explosive Safety (CFEES) – Ministry of Defence – Govt. of India – New Delhi formerly known as DIFR, and woolen fabric as inner linning. This suit consisting of  Overall without pouch on back for breathing apparatus set, Hood with visor, Hand gloves with five fingers.



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