Attendance Machine

We all know that no two Fingerprints in the world possess exact same characteristics; we are using the fingerprints to identify the employee in your company to mark the Attendance and time. During the registration process, various employee data, i.e., Name, Address, [Employee #] etc. is entered into the database of the person’s record. The person then places a finger on the scanner and a template of the finger is recorded tying the fingerprint to the record.

By placing the user's Finger on the sensor, in less than one second, the Fingerprint Reader/Terminal verifies the person's identity. As no two Fingerprint feature the exact same characteristics, Fingerprint Reader assures your company fraud and error free data collection and integration as well as payroll accuracy.

From that point on, to "punch in" or "punch out", the individual simply places his or her finger on the scanner for recognition. The owner/employer/etc. can then filter the data to generate customized reports of a single employee, several employees, over any time period, etc.

Our wide range of attendance systems are widely accepted by various industries. In order to improve the work efficiency, companies install attendance punching machine that not only provides access control but works as a time attendance recorder. With help of such devices, keeping time track has become convenient. Complete HR policy through software can be integrated with employee time attendance management biometrics. Not only just limited to fingerprint, time attendance system can be of palm vein biometrics, facial recognition biometrics or IRIS biometrics. Time attendance machine can be of any one of above type. Company provides time attendance solutions to all main areas of metro and mega cities in India.


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